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Plants with extra-special meaning

2011 June 13
by Carol Davis

Grandma's phlox is just starting to bloom.

The Triplet Forest is growing, just like the kids that it's named for.

Take a glance at the general landscape of my place and you’ll find a lilac bush that produces the sweetest smell ever created, a beautiful weeping cherry tree, Knock-Out roses whose abundant blooms dress up the front steps, and dogwood trees that turn my yard into a sea of white every April.

But the plants that I love more than anything are my tall garden phlox and three Colorado blue spruce.

The phlox originated in Wyoming in my much-beloved grandmother’s yard. After she passed away in 1983, my mom dug up some of that phlox and took it home to plant so she and my dad could enjoy Grandma’s flowers. When I bought my first home nearly a dozen years ago, and they were coming to visit, Mom divided Grandma’s phlox and carried it clear across the country with her so I could have a beautiful reminder of my grandma.

I treasure those fragrant, lavender masses of star-shaped flowers, which have thrived so much that I’ve been able to divide them and spread them around my property. The butterflies love them for the nectar, but I love them for their history.

My other favorite plants are the blue spruce in my side yard. They were planted, with the help of my dad, to celebrate the birth of my brother’s triplets in Colorado. As the babies have grown into strong, healthy, beautiful kids, those trees — my friends call it the Triplet Forest — also are growing and maturing.

What about you? Do you have plants, trees or other flora that have special meaning?

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  1. June 2, 2012

    Yes, the Purple Cone and Black-Eyed Susan flowers are special to me for many reasons. The first reason is they were my mother’s favorite and she brought them to my attention. The second is that they are so simply beautiful.

    • Carol Davis permalink
      June 3, 2012

      I agree. They are very beautiful. Thank you for reading!

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